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Real Hope Inc. is dedicated to inspiring action and uplifting local communities. Fueled by a strong belief in the potential of humanity, we tirelessly strive to alleviate daily challenges for those we serve. Operating solely with volunteers, every donation directly contributes to covering operational expenses, enabling us to fulfill our mission of reducing food waste and ensuring food security in underserved communities. Be a part of the change, join us in making a meaningful impact!

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The state of Arizona provides an incredible incentive for taxpayers who donate to certain qualifying charities like Real Hope Inc. Thanks to the AZ charitable tax credit, you can donate up to $841 and get it right back on your Arizona tax return.

Donations made for the 2023 Arizona income tax returns can be up to $841 for joint filers and $421 for single filers.

Our organization code is 22462.

Your donations go directly to our programs and helps us provide food security to families in need.


Checks can be mailed to:
Real Hope Inc.

8989 N. Coyote Springs Rd. Prescott Valley, AZ 86315

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